so aboT mah pictures

i noes that many peoples are asking for meh to pust a pixur of mysulf but i hurd from the tevee that it is not sef so i dont noe yet.

pst. teehhehhh i just writ that because grapes is reduing this post and what if she c’s. betwen yu and me, i want to post the picturess.


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hi111 theez dayes there have bein lots of many earht quakes in the world. i felt three in my huose alone111111i was so sacared because i never though tthat i would ever fiell a real earhtdquake unlesx itas the nd of the world and like in the movies wher it is so scuary. but then i reali felt one and then tow and then thre1

so it is time to be priapared like the bouy scouts. ai hope u have the things that peiople need to be parapard in an arthgquake bedause it waould be cery sad if everyine dide and i was ontly the one left. me and grapse i hope/ and may be la poopoo. but i dont like to think about that stuf beause it is std.

i kep teling grapes to buy then emegency kits but sh is  not listning. even if i said that ther was an artheaquake in moscow the captail of new zeland, graps favrotie countri and wher all her sheps fremnds are. whats should is do///i dont not want to die. do oyu thingk death is a hapy place with many ruber bands and chesecakes/ do you think la po poo will go to death with me evun thous he had done a lot of thing in his laif that grapes toeld me to kep on the down loe/ thei are ritten in a notebok that i rote and put on the bottemest drawer of my drawers because grapes said to kep them in the down low. the man with wite collar at the pointi bilding tha twe go to on sundaies said that secrits are debibilibilbiiliitating and sinful. so wat to do.

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hais again.

so it as ben a log time sinc i have bloged. so hai aggen, and this is ernest. did yo miess mee///

it’s okay, i mised you too. ;0

la poo poo an i are bestfreinds still. he bring me coupcakes all the time. now al poo po is always at home for to tak caree of me. ;0 grape thisnks this is so sweit. somestimes she wil stair at us and we wil say ‘what.’ and she will say ‘wat’ and then we laff becuaz it is os funy.

i loove my famly.

did you noe that this summar la poo poo flewed me to costa crika/ wel he did and we had so much funn. i did not swim thoue becuz i would sogify. it is sad because my dram is to be michale felphs. but my boduy wont let me. i cant evn swim in a plastc box becauce i would sogiffy. and grapes doesnt care tha i wouldnt sufocate becauz i wuld have a breathing hol11

in twu weks it is halowen1 ramambear last year i was batmon/ i  don know what i wil be this year becau grapes hadnt teelled me yet but i don t knowb ecause grapes is bbary busiu now. mostly it is lap op poo who plais with me. i miss her sort of  but she is a good grapes to take care of me.

is grapes a mom/ or is she a sister/ i dont nkno. i will ask her.

okay ia m back. grapes said she doesnt noe either. now waht. haha thys is funy.

ajnyways it is time for the bed11 it looks so fluby and warm. i like bed kind of but not rely because then i cane’t have fun anyimrorem only in my driams and those are not real. for exampamle. in my direms i can swym but in ral lif i cant. i wuld liaked to rather siwm in real laife. and race maichale faleps.

okay okay i ma gonin to seep now. gnodnight1 sweat dreams.

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happy birtdhay1111

hapy birtday to graps111 she is nao sixteine111111

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it si okay.

heeehee. i hav been gon fur so long becuas i was on eturnal timeout wfor disapearing. grapes was not hapy she was friking out la po poo explaned. and so then i had to stai in my room for a lot of dais.

but it is okay i guess. i am not deid, rite/// i just though tmybe grape s didnt lov eme animor so now i am so god. i cleen wen i can and grapes loks at me and said yay good job111 but i tink she was loking at me sadly after wen she thught i wasnt looking. but i was so i saw and then i was sad but i didn cri or anyting because then i would sooguify.

i dint noe. it is kind of quit at home and wat is the wurd/// tense.

heres to thin getting betar. ;0

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stil hieding111

shhhh dont tell graps hahah she stil hasnt notices1111111 omg she’s like so hapy she keeps screaming ‘ernest1111’ like tank you for this awesome presint of dispaering it is a great majgic trick11111

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shh stulty11

Shh…grapes still hasnt fund me yit.1111 im so exsited she is so hapy she is scraeming in happines.

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